About Margo – longer version

Margo Lestz is American by birth and lived in the US until 2003. She worked for many years in her husband’s financial services business, making sure that the administration ran smoothly. Around age 35 she took a break from working and spent some time remodelling an old farmhouse that they had bought near St. Louis, Missouri. She also passed many an hour gardening, as the house came with 3 acres and she admits to never having learned the concept of moderation. When the house was finished and there were blooming plants everywhere, Margo went back to university where she earned a degree in liberal studies since she was always interested in too many subjects to concentrate on just one.
For one of her university courses, Margo went to Florence, Italy to study art history and fell in love with that city and with Europe in general. She decided that one day she would like to live in Europe. She and her husband, Jeff, started travelling to Europe often and found that they felt very much at home there. In 2003 they had the opportunity to move to England with a company that Jeff was associated with at the time, and they seized the chance. They moved to London where Margo once again started working in administration.
Then in 2007, at age 50, Margo decided it was time to stop working in a sector that she didn’t especially enjoy and to start doing the things that she loved. They bought an apartment in Nice, France and now she divides her time between London and Nice, that is, when she’s not travelling to other parts of the world.
She finds languages fascinating, and has studied French and Italian for several years. She loves to observe and try to understand the various cultures that she has the opportunity to experience – and, of course, to write about them.


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